LZ45 Christmas tree netting 45cm x 300m - 10 pcs

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Set of 10 pieces of strong monofilament christmas tree net LZ45x300m

Strong monofilament net with the best LZ-type weave. LZ45 net is dedicated for funnels with maximal diameter 45cm. Each sleeve has 300m length.

Our net is widely used by growers and retailers in Western and Eastern Europe. It has been used for years on such demanding markets as Germany and Danmark.

Our net is dedicated for both manual and automated packing.


  • Weave type: LZ 
  • Diameter: 45cm
  • One sleeve length: 300m
  • Total length of 10pcs: 3000m
  • Color: white
  • Material: monofilament 
  • Can be used with automated machines

We are the direct distributor of Timbernet christmas tree netting. In our offer you can find LZ25, LZ34, LZ45, LZ55 and funnels for those nets.

For full-pallet orders we offer special discounts - please contact us for details.

For those interested in personal pickup we offer 2 locations in south Poland.

Our postcodes:

- 38-230

- 32-020 

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